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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Products and Services
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What type of artwork files are needed for custom printing?
You'll need to provide us with camera-ready art. Electronic files of line art must be in a vector format. EPS (Encapsulated PostScript), CDR (CorelDRAW), and AI (Adobe Illustrator) files are considered camera-ready art. Files in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat) are also acceptable if they are generated specifically for professional print output. Please specify Pantone color matches if needed for line art and fonts. BMP,TIF, GIF, JPG or PNG files are not acceptable for line art.

If your artwork contains scanned images (photos), they must be scanned at 600 dpi resolution. Scanned photo images should be saved as CMYK or Grayscale TIFF (.TIF) files. Sending us these images in a compressed .ZIP file will reduce chances of file corruption. Please contact us before attempting to artwork files larger than 5MB.

4-color process art can be printed on select items. Inquire about specifications.

How do I send my camera-ready art to you?
Electronic art may be sent to us as an attachment on the Artwork Submission Form
page in the "Artwork File" section of the form.

If you wish to send mechanical artwork, please forward professional ad slick sheets or black vector images output on glossy white paper at 600 dpi or higher. Multi-color art must be sent as black and white color separations (bearing registration marks) and with a color composite printout for reference in CMYK. Business cards, letterheads, photocopies, fabric prints and fax transmissions are not acceptable artwork.

What if I have a design that is not camera-ready?
We can touch-up or reconstruct your artwork. You can send us your design electronically on the Artwork Submission Form in the "Art Preview File" section of the form. Please see the rates for graphic design work.

What are the rates for graphic design work?

  • Simple Design Reconstruction/ Typesetting: $40 per hour
  • New Logo Design/ Complex Design Reconstruction: $50 per hour/ Design packages available - see "What's involved in designing a new logo?"
  • Animated Logos: $60 per hour
  • Caricatures: $60 per hour
  • Illustrations: $60 per hour
  • Brochure, Sell Sheet & Flyer Design: $50 per hour
  • Surface Design: $60 per hour
  • Color Paletting: $50 per hour
  • Photo Restructuring: $50 per hour
  • Custom Typography (for display faces): $70 per headline
  • Custom Font Design: $70 per hour

The absolute minimum art charge is $30

All new artwork will be submitted to you for proofing and final approval via e-mail, fax or mail.

Please check all spelling and abbreviations. We are not responsible for typographical errors.

You will be provided with a written proposal/ estimate of the work to be done. A signed proposal becomes a contract or job. If a job in progress is rejected or terminated, there will be billing equal to the number of hours spent.

What's involved in designing a new logo?
Please state for us what you would like to accomplish with your logo. Who is your audience?

Provide literature, data sheets or any other information about your company or organization's products, services, mission statement and market position.

If you have conceptual ideas or envision how you'd like your logo to look - tell us. Basic sketches or written descriptions are fine.

We offer 5 logo design packages:

Basic Logo - $300: Includes 5 logo design concepts from which you choose one to be refined into a final design, as many revisions as needed to your satisfaction and 2 redraws. Preliminary conceptual hand-sketches are $60 and must be prepaid.

Basic Logo with Stationery - $400: Includes 5 logo design concepts and 3 stationery concepts (matching letterhead, envelope and business card) from which you chose one of each to be refined into 2 final designs with as many revisions as needed to your satisfaction and 2 redraws. Preliminary conceptual hand-sketches are $75 and must be prepaid.

Enhanced Logo - $400: Includes 7 logo design concepts from which you chose one to be refined into a final design, as many revisions as needed to your satisfaction and unlimited redraws. Preliminary conceptual hand-sketches are $75 and must be prepaid.

Enhanced Logo with Stationery - $500: Includes 7 logo design concepts and 3 stationery concepts from which you chose one of each to be refined into 2 final designs with as many revisions as needed to your satisfaction and unlimited redraws. Also included are a matching business card and envelope design. Preliminary conceptual hand-sketches are $100 and must be prepaid.

Premium Logo with Stationery and Brochure - $700: Includes 10 logo design concepts and 4 stationery concepts (matching letterhead, envelope and business card) from which you chose one of each to be refined into 2 final designs with as many revisions as needed to your satisfaction and unlimited redraws. Also includes one tri-fold brochure design. Preliminary conceptual hand-sketches are $250 and must be prepaid.

To start a project, you will need to provide your written consent and prepayment as stipulated for each design package (via credit card or PayPal) before receipt of a PDF file of hand-drawn rough conceptual designs. Should you decide not to go ahead with the project, this amount will not refunded. If you continue with project, this amount will be credited toward your invoice total. Your approval is required for each design adjustment until we have arrived at a completed design you are happy with. Balance of payment is due just prior to receipt of finalized artwork files.

Designing a new logo takes about 4 to 6 weeks to complete, depending on how many revisions are needed to complete the job to your satisfaction. Finished artwork is provided to you as both an .EPS and a .PDF computer file.

For specialized design work to be based on $60 per hour rates, a written proposal and cost estimate will be provided after a preliminary consultation. This consultation may be in person, or via phone, fax and email.

Artwork and copyright ownership for a simple logo design will become the property of the buyer. Filing for a formal copyright, trademark or service mark will become the responsibility of the buyer.

We will adapt your logo for use on other specialized substrates (promotional products, signage, stationery, etc.) on a per instance basis. Adaptations are billed at $40 per hour.

What copywriting services are available?
We provide a variety of copywriting services as detailed below. The following information offers guidelines as to how to proceed.

Please provide detailed information about your subject matter. A list of facts and features should be supplied along with photos or illustrations.

State your audience and objective.

Incidentals such as postage, long-distance phone calls and photocopies are added separately from hourly billing.


  • Display Ads: $50 per hour
  • Brochure & Flyer Content: $50 per hour
  • Photo Captions: $40 per hour
  • Product Descriptions: $50 per hour
  • Direct Mail Copy: $50 per hour
  • Product Literature: $50 per hour
  • Short Stories & Articles: $70 per hour

How are promotional products imprinted?
There are a variety of imprinting processes used to print promotional products. The process used will depend on the substrate (base material which the design will be printed on), shape and size of the item being printed. Here are the more common processes used:

Screen Printing: Woven mesh screens are stretched over a frame and treated with a light-sensitive emulsion. Acetates or film positives are then placed in contact with the screens and exposed to intense light. This hardens the emulsion not covered by the film leaving behind open mesh areas on the screen which ink can be squeezed through with a squeegee or roller. This process can be used on flat, cylindrical or irregularly-sized objects. Screen printing is commonly used on textiles, ceramics, glass, paper, polyethylene, polypropylene, metals and wood.

Pad Printing: The design to be printed is recessed into an imaging plate. This plate is flooded with ink. Excess ink is scraped off the imaging plate while ink remains welled inside the recessed design area. A silicone pad is quickly compressed onto the imaging plate and picks up the ink image of the artwork. The silicone pad is then compressed on the object to be printed, transferring the image. This process is suitable for printing variety of surface areas (flat, cylindrical, spherical, compound angles, textures, concave and convex). It is commonly used to print golf balls, small toys, and electronics.

Embroidery: This is a process where a computerized machine or set of machines uses software to read a digitized (pre-patterned) design and tightly stitch it with colored threads into fabric. A hooping or framing system holds a framed area of fabric tautly underneath a sewing needle or set of needles and moves it around automatically to create a design from the digital embroidery file. Although designs can be quite intricate, details are limited by thread thickness, stitch size and the fabric itself.

Incising a design or lettering into metal, glass, stone, ceramic, plastic, paper or other substances. This can be done with either by hand or with computerized machines using either steel burins or lasers to cut into the surface of the object. Often, as with artistic handwork on metal, great detail can be achieved. Engraving on paper - which employs both etched metal plates and ink - is often used for high-end stationery, invitations and calling cards.

Etching: Various forms of etching are used. The basic idea behind etching is to coat the product to be decorated with a waxy substance, film or stencil. The design to be applied is then either exposed on the waxy substance or film or cut out of the stencil material. Then an acid or sandblasting material removes the exposed area (design) leaving a "frosty" image cut into glass, or an intaglio (sunken-relief image) in stone, metal or other rigid substrates.

Embossing: A die is cast of the artwork to be used. This die is compressed, sometimes with heat, on a material such as paper, textiles, leather, or vinyl. The result is an image that is raised above the surface of the substrate. Blind embossing is a colorless image, while color register embossing is colored design.

Debossing: This is similar to embossing, except the image is recessed into the substrate. There are both blind debossing and color register debossing - as with embossing.

Hot-Stamping: Here again a metal die of the design is produced. The die is heated, foil material is positioned beneath it and a substrate is placed beneath the foil. Compression of the die to the foil and substrate produce an image. Hot-stamping can be used on leather, vinyl, various rigid plastics, paper and fabric are commonly hot-stamped.

Casting: A mold is made of a design and liquid metal, epoxy or other material capable of hardening is poured into the mold. The result is a casting which is ejected or broken out of the mold. With substances such as metals, rough edges may need to be polished and finished to a sheen. Casting is used for jewelry, coinage, medallions and sculptures or product miniatures. Very fine details can be captured by this process.

Sublimation: A printing process that uses heat to transfer dye onto a medium such as a plastic card, paper, or fabric. Designs are created or opened in a graphic design program and printed out with special sublimation inks. This results in a paper transfer which is then applied with heat to a product which has been treated with a polyester coating or already contains a large proportion of polyester. The name is applied because the dye transitions, or sublimates, between the solid and gas states without going through a liquid stage.

How long does it take to process my order?
That will depend on your artwork and factory production times.

If you provide us with camera-ready art or the order is a repeat using previous artwork, prepping and order entry will take about 24 hours after we receive back a signed copy of your order confirmation. This order acknowledgment (or confirmation) will be sent to you shortly after your original order or re-order is placed. If new artwork must be created or old artwork must be redesigned or touched-up, we must have your approval of the finished artwork and signed order acknowledgment before order entry can begin. It may take several days or several weeks depending on how extensive the artwork creation or re-creation is.

Most actual production times for promotional products are from 5 to 10 working days (days that do not include Saturday or Sunday). A few select items may require 15 to 20 working days. If you require "Rush Production" many items are available for shipment within 36 to 72 hours after order entry at additional cost. Please check with us if you have a critical deadline use date.

Please remember that shipping time is not included in production time. Ground delivery service is the most economical, particularly if your ordered items are heavy - such as ceramic coffee mugs. Try to plan your product purchase ahead of time - by about a month - to avoid additional production or freight charges. If necessary, overnight and next day delivery services are available options.

Please read through our sales policies and terms.

What are the sales policies and terms?
U.S. orders may be placed online using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or PayPal. If you do not wish to purchase online, please print out a copy of the order form, fill it in and fax, mail or email your signed order to us.

To pay by check or money order, please print a copy of the order form and submit your order along with payment by mail. There is a $50 charge for all checks returned for insufficient funds.

For established accounts, terms shown on our order confirmations and invoices will supercede any terms shown on your company purchase orders. Should your account become delinquent or your financial status change, we reserve the right to change or withdraw any previous credit terms and or suspend shipments.

Service charges will be assessed on past due accounts at the rate of 1.5% monthly for those with credit terms. Should it become necessary to submit an account for collection, a fee of 25% of the unpaid balance plus all legal fees will be added to the amount due.

All orders are acknowledged upon receipt. Please check your order confirmation to insure all information is correct and inform us immediately in writing of any discrepancies, or the order will be processed as shown on your order acknowledgment. Upon cancellation or changes to an order in progress, a charge of $35 plus all costs incurred will be charged.

Production time begins after we receive your signed order acknowledgment. Please remember that shipping time is not included in production time.

Telephone orders will not be processed until followed up by a written and signed purchase order via docu-signed eamil, fax or mail.

Product colors and imprint colors displayed on your viewing screen or printed in our publications may vary from the actual item or print. Please specify PMS (Pantone Matching System) color numbers and/or names when you wish to match imprint colors. Ink colors will be matched as closely as possible, but exact Pantone matches cannot be achieved on every product surface.

Any materials submitted to us for producing an order will be accepted as being in full compliance with all laws regarding licensing, trademarks, copyrights, service marks, patents, rights of privacy, and other such protections. Your submission of such material to us with attendant documentation is your agreement with and that these laws are not being violated, and that Fantasia Design and Imprints disclaims all liability for compliance with these laws.

Artwork Information

Copywriting Information

Specially designed marketing, safety and incentive programs requiring detailed product research and application recommendations will be billed hourly. The first hour of private consultation is free. Subsequent time spent in research, data collection and program development will be billed at $50 per hour.

Freight is F.O.B. originating factory or warehouse. All shipments should be opened and checked immediately upon receipt. If errors, defects or breakages occur, we must be contacted within 5 business days to issue credit or replacement. Hold such items for inspection by the carrier and/or return until notified. Fantasia Design and Imprints is not liable for shipments delayed, lost or damaged in transit. These claims must be filed with the carrier.

Freight costs will be added after product has shipped. This amount will be billed separately on your credit card or included on your invoice. To ship on your own freight account, please supply your account number and shipping instructions.

No merchandise may be returned without prior authorization.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

We reserve the right to ship and bill up to 10% over or under the quantity ordered. These are called overruns or underruns. This can occur due to the difficulty of manufacturing and/or imprinting to exact specifications without sacrificing quality of the the finished production run. The type of product and imprinting process used will affect overruns and underruns.

Samples with a random imprint are available upon request. Your cost will be the highest listed price for that item plus shipping. Samples will be charged to your credit card.

Will the item I receive look exactly like the one I viewed online?
Please be aware that color renderings of any kind will vary from one electronic device to another - and the actual product. Your specific computer monitor may be calibrated to render colors differently from your iPad or mobile device. Actual colors shown will be close, but not always exact to what you see on a screen.

Mass-produced items, such as writing instruments, drinkware, calendars, etc. will be as shown online. Artistic items and hand-crafted goods such as custom art glass, decorative boxes and hand-painted products may vary in actual design and color.

Please also be aware that Pantone colors (PMS matches) will not always be exact on certain surfaces. Pantone colors were originally developed for printing on paper. Sometimes curing processes that involve heat - such as inks printed on ceramics - will alter the color from a perfect PMS match to a close PMS match. Understanding the physical limitations of printing certain substrates will avoid disappointment. Please ask us. Where large runs or expensive products are being custom imprinted, we will require that you view a proof of the printed product before a full production run.

What if I would like to obtain a sample of an item?
Samples with a random imprint are available upon request. Your cost will be the highest listed price for that item plus shipping. Samples can be paid for through your PayPal account or charged to your credit card. A $50 minimum is required for a credit card charge.

Speculative samples (those with your custom imprint) are often recommended for products that need to be imprinted with complex, multi-colored artwork. The factory will set a cost for the item itself. In addition there will be setup, any additional artwork, and shipping charges. If no changes are made to the original design after the speculative sample is produced and an order is placed, the cost of the sample and setups will be credited to that order.

What can I do if I don't see an item, quantity or service that I'm looking for?
Please go to our custom quotation page
and fill out the form in detail or contact us by phone
We would be happy to assist you.

Is there a blank order form that I can print out?
Yes you can. Below is a PDF file which you can fill in and either fax or mail to us.

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