Decorative Wooden Boxes Made in Poland
Our beautifully decorated wooden boxes are made in the Tatra Mountain region of Poland. Handcrafted of linden wood (also called basswood) and decorated with a variety of culturally traditional and contemporary designs, owning one of these unique pieces of folk art offers an opportunity to preserve a vanishing 1,000-year-old tradition.

Click each picture for close up view. NOTE: Since each item is a handmade product, colors and actual designs will differ slightly from the photos below. All boxes are made of naturally distressed wood with grooves and dents. Shipping prices listed are for the continental United States. Contact us for delivery to other locations.
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Lace Dreams Wooden Box

Lace Dreams Item PBE-09
Inspired by local alpine flowers this box is destined to collect the stuff of private little dreams. Intricate wood-burned, colorized patterns of red, green and brown grace its hinged lid. Felt-covered interior bottom. 4" x 4"wide x 1.5" high. Ships US Priority Mail: $6.00.
Stanislaus' Secret Wooden Box

Stanislaus' Secret
Item PBE-15
Bold repetitive carving on the top and sides of this handsome secret box creates a simple yet, elegant charm. Felt-covered interior bottom. 7" long x 4.75" deep x 3" high. Ships US Priority Mail: $12.50.

Card Play Wooden Box class=

Card Play
Item PBE-13
Unique playing card box holds a full deck of cards vertically. Card suit images are carved along the bottom. TIny brass latch closure and felt-lined interior bottom. 4.75" long x 2" wide x 3.75" high. Ships US Priority Mail: $6.00.
Folk Vine Wooden Box

Folk Vine
Item PBE-04
A delicate flowering vine in muted woodland hues entwines itself around the top of this classic folk art piece. A future heirloom to be enjoyed in the present. Interior has felt-lined bottom. 4.75" x 4.75" wide x 1.5" high. Ships US Priority Mail: $6.00

Helena's Secret Poppy Wooden Box

Helena's Secret Poppy
Item PBE-14
One of Poland's most beloved wildflowers - the red poppy (mak)- is carved in full bloom on this elegant secret box. Felt-lined interior..6" long x 4.68"wide x 2.5" high. Ships US Priority Mail: $12.50.

Xavier Wooden Box

Item PBE-10
Clean-lined and sleek, this box .makes a masculine statement with a highly burnished cover and bold side carvings. Felt-lined bottom interior. 9" long x 5" deep x 2.5" high. Ships US Priority Mail: $12.50.

Rembrandt Cottage Wooden Box

Rembrandt Cottage
Item PBE-18
A rustic, country cottage wood-burned in the style of a rough Rembrandt sketch adorns the top of this attractive box. Interior bottom is felt lined. 9.5" long x 6" deep x 2.5" high. Ships US Priority Mail: $12.50
2-Drawer Country Wooden Box

2-Drawer Country Box
Item PBE-08
Adorned with stylized country meadow flowers, this cheerful little box sports 2 fitted drawers with ball pulls and legs.. 4.5" wide x 3.75" deep x 4.75" high. Ships US Priority Mail: $12.50.

Sweetheart Wooden Box

Item PBE-16
This delicate little cache features a removable top secured by a single peg. It conceals a round 1" x 1" compartment for holding a small but, oh so special, treasure. 2.75" x 2.75"wide x 2" high. Ships US Priority Mail: $6.00.
Treasure Chest Wooden Box

Treasure Chest
Item PBE-11
Our miniature treasure chest can hold a surprisingly ample bounty. Because the regal design invites curiosity, this footed piece comes with its own tiny key. Felt-lined interior bottom. 5.5" long x 3.5" deep x 3.5" high. Ships US Priority Mail: $12.50.

Folk Vine II Wooden Box

Folk Vine II
Item PBE-05
Charming, symmetrical blossom-bearing vines adorn this lovely folk art box. Interior has felt-lined bottom. 4" x 4"wide x1.5" high. Ships US Priority Mail: $6.00
Francis Wooden Box

Item PBE-17
Include some details about your product in this text area. You can add as much text as you require here. 8" long x 4" deep x 2" high. Ships US Priority Mail: $12.50.